T-Shirts – More than One Way

A white T must be the most basic piece of your wardrobe.

You’ve got these awesome new leggings that feel so seamless on your skin and can be a great addition to your wardrobe at any season really, but now, you’re scared of how to pair them into a combination that will get you through the whole day – from going to work in the morning to running errands in the afternoon, going to a yoga studio, and then out and about the city at night.

You also want to look for styles that maximize what’s in your wardrobe.

When it comes to shopping, go into the store with a mindset of what items of clothing you want to keep from your existing wardrobe and what you can pair differently in order to maximize what you already own.

You don’t even have to buy new clothing. There are always options for thrift shopping online or at the stores. Someone’s extras might be your find. Look into options. I’m sure that if you follow any fashionistas on Instagram, you have more than a good idea of what’s trending.

If you’re anything like me, you quickly lose focus in the store, especially if they don’t have the things you’re looking for. While on the other hand, you’re all about finding unique pieces.

Here are my tips on how to dress simple but still look chic, even sophisticated, and ultimately comfortable.

The first pick for a casual daily wear is to style your T with jeans and a pair of trendy shoes, possibly something that sticks out of the norm a little. They are moreover like an accessory.

A classic T-shirt, preferably with a V-neck, is mainly men’s wear but paired under a cute girly dress or playsuit, it can look anything but manly.

You can moreover take the strength of a man and spice it up with womanly energy. Take the previous ensemble and pull over a classic blazer. You don’t even need many accessories. One of my recent favorites is a minimal neck scarf. If having it on your neck is not your thing, tie it to your leather bag. Nothing screams more put-together than a well-thought-out wardrobe.

If going for a manlier look is your jazz, then pair a T-shirt with a blazer, tailored shorts up to the knees, and a classic pair of heels.

Are you going for a rock girl look? A T-shirt over a long sleeve shirt will give you that chic feel. But if you pair this with a nice pair of nude or black heels, Hey Carry Bradshaw, you’ve got nothing on me.

I’m curious to know what some of your favorite T-shirt pairings are. I normally have difficulties making them work and therefore need some extra time to think things through. But they are so versatile that it would be a sin distancing your wardrobe from them. At least owning a couple of white ones is a necessity of every classy woman.

One little tip before I hop out of here, the material matters. If you ask me, cotton or linen is always your best pick.

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