Dolphin Plank Pose For Alleviating Stress

Are you spending too much time on your desk? Or are you overwhelmed by stress to have a flat abdomen?

The Dolphin Plank Pose Makara Adho Mukha Svansana is a relatively challenging yoga pose which offers various benefits different body parts. In addition, These will provide therapeutic benefits for mild depression, as well as stress. You can practice the Dolphin Plank Pose for a few minutes in order to build focus, endurance, and strength.

How To Execute The Dolphin Plank Pose

In order to come into the Dolphin Plank Pose, 

  • Begin in Dolphin Pose and bend your knees. After that, walk back the feet until they are parallel with the mat;
  • Push the inner forearms and the elbows against the mat. Place the shoulder blades against the back and push them away from the spine. Do the same with the collarbones, pushing them away from the sternum;
  • Push front of thighs towards the sky, however with the tailbone towards the mat as you press the body weight into the heels. Elevate the head base away from the neck back and glance straight down, maintaining the throat and eyes soft;
  • Maintain this position for 30 seconds to one minute;
  • To come out of the pose, exhale and touch the mat with your knees.


Dolphin Plank Pose Benefits

The Dolphin Plank Pose brings numerous benefits:

  • Body and mind relaxation, as well as a great stress reliever;
  • Effective release of headaches, back-ache, and fatigue;
  • Better digestion can be attained;
  • It tones the leg and arm muscles;
  • Strengthening the abdomen;
  • A menstrual discomfort reliever.
  • The Dolphin Plank Pose tightens the body core, as well as the shoulders quickly. If you practice it several times each day, you will be able to strengthen your muscles and find your focus.

Hold this pose for extended periods. If you are looking for some variety, you can change your normal Sun Salutation routine by exercising the Dolphin Plank Pose, and the Dolphin Pose instead of the Plank Pose and the Downward-Facing Dog. Visualize these friendly wet-nosed animals and have a great time the Dolphin variations!

What To Watch Out For When Practicing The Dolphin Plank Pose?

When practicing the Dolphin Plank Pose, make sure that:

  • The hips do not collapse down;
  • The upper back is straight;
  • The chin does not drop toward the chest.

Cautions When Practicing The Dolphin Plank Pose

In case you suffer from any medical condition, please perform under supervision.

This pose is not recommended, especially to individuals who suffer from:

  • Spinal, shoulder or neck injuries;
  • Ear or eye infections;
  • High blood pressure.

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